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    A police patrol nearby sat on the back of a bicycle, smoking and observing, but did not react.

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    If Wang Jingwei could be killed, the soon-to-be established Jinling government would disappear immediately. Neither Chen Gongbo nor Zhou Fuhai, who were close to Wang Jingwei, had such a status.

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    "From now on, you will no longer be trusted by the Big Boss, you will have to be interrogated in prison, when the captured agents return to headquarters, they must definitely go through a screening, at least they will lose their money." half a year." I know this.

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    "This time my wish has been granted. Li Shiqun will soon hold the grand wedding of Fu Shenglan and Ding Meizhen at Licha Hotel. At that time, even the puppet's high-ranking officials will be present . This is for the female agents of the Military Control Agency Office to see." Xu Ruiyang said.

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    "The Shanghai stock market lacks everything except beautiful women. After paying the bonus, you can go to Changsantangzi to find a white Russian girl, but I don't know if you can keep it!" Wu Sibao said with a smile.

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    "Team leader, my subordinates really admire your tolerance. I have been with the General Manager for so many years, and I have seen them all shirk responsibility. When something happens, they either hide it or not reported, or faked. I've never seen anyone before." Dare to face your own problems. And ask for reflection?”

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    Yamada Otozo was the commander of the Chinese expeditionary force of the Japanese army, with the rank of lieutenant general, in Japan, where there was a strict hierarchy, he graduated from the 14th cavalry department of the Officer Academy army, and studied in the 24th course of the Army University, Saburo's senior and Miura Saburo's boss.

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    Roughly speaking, your guess is right, Manchukuo is indeed a prerequisite for the empire, there is no room for negotiation, Shancheng Palace must recognize Manchukuo for the empire to consider continuing negotiations. Furthermore, North China and Mongjiang regions, it is necessary to station troops for a short time to carry out a strict siege and suppress the party's underground troops in Northern China to ensure the security of the Manchus. Chau Quoc.

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    "Brother Tieu Lam, this time my brother fell into the hands of a black dog, Cao Gia Do's cigarette shop was destroyed, things were robbed, my people were beaten, I was arrested by the detective team keep it, your face will be trampled under your feet!" Ky Van Thanh said.

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    "I like Mr. Tu's frankness the most. Did you never think that it was love at first sight between him and me?" Zheng Pingru asked with a smile.

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    "A person who understands current affairs is a smart person. I also admire Chief Chen's ability to assess the situation. He holds a large amount of confidential information in the Shanghai area. This is a resource." that the Secret Service desperately needs."

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    In a famous old restaurant in Shanghai, Xu Ruiyang invited Zheng Pingru to dinner, thanking her for giving him the opportunity to do business with the Japanese Navy.

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    On the morning of the 18th, Hua Due Duong had just arrived at the office when he received news from the French Concession. An insider reported that at 8:50 a.m., the acting chief inspector of the French Concession Police Department had been shot dead.

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    "If you don't even have the minimum professional skills, then don't mess around with this profession. The consequences of revealing secrets can kill you. There are more than 700 people in the Coast Guard and detective teams. Who among you dares to assure me that you do not have the general's eyes or ears?"

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    The two of them were both new officials, seeking the benefit of the police under their command. This was the captain's responsibility, to maintain his own authority.

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    Waiting for a while, taking advantage of Tu Due Duong being called away by Kiyoshi Tsukamoto, the two gritted their teeth and went to Akagi Osaka to pay their respects.

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    "Manager Xu, let me introduce you. You are Colonel Onodera Nobu of the Marine Intelligence Bureau stationed in Shanghai." Zheng Pingru said with a smile.

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    "Yaqing, I know I can't hide this from you. My current economic capacity is limited. How many refugees can I help in concessions? The Shanghai stock market environment is currently chaotic. There are thugs from the Green Gang and the Japanese Wanderers., There are also agents of the Military Command, without their own force, the police are not easy to cause trouble!"

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    "So I personally came to Shanghai to meet you, I represent his attitude. As long as you are willing to return to your military rank, stay at the Secret Service Headquarters to continue serving the country, the Big Boss can Forget the past." ."

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    "Chief Gangcun, I hope you didn't hit me in the face when you shot. This request won't embarrass you, right?" Zheng Pingru said.

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    The police department of the Ministry of Industry related to public concessions intervened and notified the first district of Shanghai to cancel the wedding sabotage. If this incident makes the public concession hostile to our military command, it will not be worth losing. There is still a chance in the future! Dai Li thought for a moment, and finally said helplessly.

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    Li Shiqun was asked rhetorically, and he was embarrassed on the spot. The reason he dared to compete with the Secret Service was because these four people were important bargaining chips!

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    "I remember that Sirius never took the initiative to request funding from the bureau's headquarters. I only approved two thousand French yuan as operating funds when he first arrived in Shanghai. He relied on the smuggling activities of Secret Service to support its intelligence . Network of relations, this request is actually not too much, but the point is, now I can give him official positions and promotions, but I don't have money to give him." Dai Li is very straightforward.

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    Xu Ruiyang came to see him when he went to the Shanghai stock market before taking office, which made him feel that the other party knew a lot, if he wanted to work on the Shanghai stock market, he had to rely on the Gendarmerie Command. Such a person is also a talent, and he deserves to be taken care of.

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    can't be completely sure that she did that. Perhaps she was forced by the secret agents of the Central Unification Bureau, so she had to serve them. The director's secretary has a high gold content. It's not surprising that she was watched. Hua Due Duong said.