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    Why? ! The Count standing behind Vuong Han glanced at him warily, then immediately bowed his head, "Not right! This is very wrong, why should he care about things? If it is something that can be understood The rookie wanted to take the source of my strength, but his current strength was already too terrible, so he directly grabbed me from the clan and bloodline district directly into Zhanzheng academy, that is, without riding The spacecraft didn't say it was using an interstellar train! It actually flew by at its own speed! And it flew by without dying! Is this the power that humans can have no! No matter what, if he can do this, he will definitely not need the so-called source of my power!...Then there is only one answer. Could it be? Is he simply curious about this matter? Curious about how I got such power here?”

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    That must be so, otherwise there is no way to explain it. Vuong Han smiled and said: "I am a more logical person. What is Lanning Situ's current computing power? At most it is only 300 points. 300 computing power points How much? That's it, don't talk about power my calculation, let's talk about your calculation power, Dai'er Xiaogelin, your calculation power has exceeded 10,000 points and you cannot directly destroy the entire Void Sea then, there is no way Who says he understands some things in the illusionary sea, so do you think that Lanning Situ can by chance understand the illusionary sea? ??? But there is no container of wisdom in his mouth, he is in the void sea Can you still talk to me directly? Regardless of whether it's Mao Saidun, or not to mention Maosaidao, even Maosaidun who has opened ro sx Supreme Transparent Exploration Edition Sublime will not work, will a child How will the newborn manifest to become the Thunder King?"

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    So in this world there are only two states. One state is instant death, the other is immortality. There is no third state of slow death. And if you really hate someone, but if you don't want to take this person's body, then you can cut off his head, then dip this head directly into some kind of mud, then he will fall into a state of absolute helplessness, his soul will be destroyed, he will suffer a lot, but he will not die anyway! This has descended into an extremely tragic situation... well... Of course, it's really not that kind of tragic hatred. I suggest you take the same action, because after you have done this once, I believe you too can understand the tragic negative effects brought about by mood swings.

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    Vuong Han didn't talk to Lan Ninh Tu Do, Lam Ninh Tu Do gradually began to feel a little weak. The longer it went on, the more he felt guilty. After his body gradually returned to normal, he felt Seeing his heart beating a bit uncomfortable, right now he is not afraid that Vuong Han will say anything to him, nor is he afraid that Vuong Han will question him, the only thing he is worried about is that Vuong Han will not say a word. This is very difficult, at least say something good, don't hang up here, who can stand it?

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    In this way, by observing the dyeing process of the entire thinking photosphere, we can know some laws.

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    "So my guess is right, you are not called Lanning Vuong Han, this Lan Ninh Vuong Han is just the Lan Ninh family covering you up, like an umbrella, in reality you are from Tu Hai came out, and it definitely had nothing to do with the Lanning family." Her legs curled up in front of him, confidently saying: "So what's your name? Don't be stingy. Don't tell me, who is the relationship between the two of us?"

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    "It's about 20 to 30 meters behind us, reach out and touch it! That happened more than 50 years ago!" He was about to cry, he really wanted to die now, but whether he wanted to die or not depended on the other person. The party will give this face.

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    At this moment, Dai'er was violently shocked, "Even though I don't know what the shape of the soul inside the thinking core light ball is, I can know this thinking core light ball." must be very stable. , otherwise the breeding of individuals in states and counties over the years would not have made a big mistake, so there are a lot of people with core damage thinking the same light ball for a while, which means this was probably done artificially. What happened! This must have something to do with Lam Ninh Tu Do, he can't be that kind of harmless little white rabbit like So, this person definitely knows a lot of things!"

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    Yes, prejudice is a curious thing made up of a bad brain and a patchwork of many different opinions, but don't pay attention to this kind of thing, everyone will have a confused memory, Let alone trying to convince a person who doesn't exist, the memories in his brain are just like that. Unless he can directly enter another person's brain and change another person's memory, otherwise it is impossible to say that there is cannot directly persuade others, moreover, it will make others feel very uncomfortable, because they already have a complete view of this issue in their minds, and their simple minds can no longer tolerate other people's ideas. The so-called seeking information has an opinion, but any information and if your own opinion does not match, then this information will be disliked. If this information is similar to your own opinion, then you will like it, you will be happy, you will be happy, and you will feel validated by others. know a lot about this, because I still go online to see all kinds of random things, but so many people just read it with their own experiences, so much so that the comment area is full of smoke, can everyone see it? As for those who upload videos, they only use their poor brains to directly distinguish between black and white in this world. Driven by their interests, they like to either go wild, or step on it with their lives, or be stupid, or just be disgustingly startling.”

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    Having finished speaking, Vuong Han did not say anything more to the count. In the blink of an eye, he arrived at this small city inhabited by humans. When he left the alley, he also took out his cell phone and simply told Dai Er to explain. like the current situation, it is Lanning Situ's business and the earl is not under his control, this violates the law set by his center, so if they do so according to the central law There is no problem with the mind. Wang Han will not use his own values to kidnap the values of the state and district alliance. If the center's values are the same as his, then how to handle it will be handled. The people of the central state and the district union are naturally the center for judgment. Dai'er said that she understood and would report this matter directly to Hub, and then let Hub make a fair judgment.

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    Anyway, Vuong Han still went to investigate this guy. He stood up from the ground, holding his fish bone knife in one hand, and with the other hand pushed aside the dense vegetation in front of him, taking advantage of the opportunity. People. About 5 meters away, this guy immediately discovered that the rat-headed guy was groping towards him, his hands and feet were still grabbing things around, looking at this ferocious appearance, it was clear that this guy wanted to get rid of what was in front of him. his live!

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    Nightmare smiled easily, the skin on her face began to peel off piece by piece, "You should check, Tu Hai will expand every year, this is not Tu Hai itself expanding in the stomach, just Tu All original seas have quality." far inferior to the nature of the state and county, just like the current situation, the nature of Tu Hai will eventually be gradually eliminated and neutralized by the nature of the state and county. of the people from the county and district who jumped into Tu Hai to commit suicide and the souls of the long mat, because these souls all come from the source of the state and county, so I condensed one at the center of Tu Hai Huge white pills, and the increase of Tu Hai is precisely due to the expansion of the white pills inside, when the number of white pills exceeds half of Tu Hai, the pills white inside Tu Hai will communicate with state and county sources outside Tu Hai. The interlayer of the virtual sea will be evaporated immediately. So. . . So you must feel that my virtual sea was extremely bad and ugly in the first place, right?"

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    Feelings, I, Vuong Han, have nothing to bring from my old hometown? Are all my things returned to this giant white pill? , it looks like a flat sphere containing the material of the country and county. This is where he comes from. It is not impossible for him to enter the entire Baiwan now, but there will be a lot of resistance, this resistance is like water. The buoyancy of the buoyancy is a thousand times higher than the buoyancy, which obviously prevents him from returning to the illusory pill, but he has not penetrated deep into the entire Bai Luan, otherwise he will most likely touch the essence yellow inside white pill. was directly crushed to death, flew up, launched into the sky, "Unless I have overcome the power of golden yuan, otherwise I have no way to return to the white pill now, that is, I have completely left. native land."

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    Okay, don't say it, don't say it, can't I say it? Vuong Han quickly waved his hand, this Dai Nhi really has the ability to talk and argue, but it doesn't matter, whether he has it or not. talk about these things or not. He had to do everything, even if he told Dai'er, it wouldn't happen, so he rearranged his thoughts a bit, then said with a very serious expression about Dai'er's side, "I want to create a human, so to achieve this goal, I need to create a soul outline similar to my human, then use the soul base Originally filled in this soul outline, then directly placed a core." Think sphere of light inside the soul source.

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    So we can continue going down now. Vuong Han looked at the few virtual pills in front of him, and in his mind, what the young man had said before appeared, "Those young people once said that virtual pills will disappear at any time." time, and every time it disappears, there will be many corpses next to it. It sounded very mysterious before, but if I guess correctly, this virtual pill should be taken directly from the original product. compensate."

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    "You insulted me again!" Dai'er bared his teeth and looked at Vuong Ham fiercely.

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    "Yes! You can't see!" Dai'er smiled proudly.

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    “Are we close?” Vuong Han looked at Xie Lian in surprise, took advantage of his somewhat embarrassed smile and said: "Just kidding, my name is Vuong Han."

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    Yes. Situ Lanning introduced, "There is a clear line between Tu Hai and our states and counties, I don't know whether Tu Hai prevents our states and counties from eroding them, or whether The lands of the states and counties prevented Tu Hai from swallowing them up, so when we started digging holes at the edge of the virtual sea in the early years, we accidentally discovered that the virtual sea had clearly solid characteristics. and does not flow, seems to be blocked by an invisible object The wall, even if we put it The coast is completely dug, and it will not escape its original shape, as if there were some wall of air there.

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    “Don't be afraid, I'm not a bad person.” Vuong Han smiled and looked at Dai Nhi affectionately, "I can perform this surgery for you for free, no matter what you say you want to do. future, I can control the ability to customize future memories I can directly customize it for you, for example if you want to go somewhere in the future, then I can directly weave these memories for you and directly deceive yourself, so that your mind cannot find them when you check yourself. Some information is wrong, and these memories I have to customize for you are very beautiful, you want to communicate with any man of your race, I can help you directly and guarantee to give you a memory that will touch you."

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    know. Wang Han nodded, "In the projection field, not only the outlines of their souls, but also their core thought spheres will be copied into countless small particles, sent to the virtual beast cabin." , they start after spawning, the core thought light ball will spawn with them, and from your point of view, the entire spawning speed will reach a rather astonishing data."